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Thursday, December 14 2023
At some point this morning I found that Charlotte had chewed the corner off the remote for the big 4K LG teevee that serves as our main communal screen. I couldn't really fault her, though, because the remote had been left on the couch and was the right size and material to be a dog toy. I also found that I could buy an exact replacement for only $5 (which is cheap for a dog toy) and that the one she'd chewed on was still fully functional.

Given how drunk I'd managed to get last night, it was surprising how mild my hangover today was. The day started with a videoconference with Alex, and then after some of his input, I managed to install a better .docx importer into the spec app I've been building for him.
Meanwhile Gretchen was walking Charlotte in the forest back behind our newest neighbor (the one whose green-painted house is west across a field from ours). While out there, she ran across this neighbor (who happens to be a fairly famous actress) also hiking in the forest with her little dog Henry. Gretchen has been concerned about Charlotte's behavior to unknown dogs, though she thought perhaps the issue was leash aggression. Charlotte wasn't on a leash and neither was Henry, and the two got along just great. This relieved our neighbor as well, as she'd considered Henry "iffy" when it comes to strange dogs as well.

Later in the day, I was able to repair a few things around the house. We have an old pepper grinder that Bathtubgirl gave us as a wedding present back in 2003, and it wasn't producing any ground pepper any more. I took it apart and found its inner surfaces were all gummed up with moisture mixed with pepper dust, probably a consequence of summer humidity. Once those were clean, the grinder started working again.
Then I turned my attention to our bed's duvet cover, which was missing some buttons that Charlotte had chewed off of it. I replaced all the missing buttons with metal buttons, which should prove much harder to destroy. I'd bought the metal buttons in an assortment from eBay to replace a button that kept breaking on a pair of my trousers. The fun thing about this button assortment is that nearly all the buttons are different, though many are of a perfect size for replacing the buttons that break or are destroyed by dogs.

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