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   setting our relationship back a couple weeks
Friday, December 8 2023
I had my video conference late this morning with Alex and the lawyer guy about the spec project I have been working on. Though I hadn't accomplished as much as I'd hoped since our last meeting, it went better than expected and made me feel better about the project. I told Gretchen to think of it as me getting together with friends occasionally to play pickleball, as it has to be considered a hobby for the time being.

This afternoon I was getting ready to run some errands in Uptown Kingston (as well as places along the way there). These errands were mostly for Gretchen, though I had some personal needs as well. There were some groceries I wanted (especially AAA batteries) and I also needed to re-up my laboratory liquor cabinet. I thought it would be nice to bring the dogs with me. Initially it seemed like Charlotte would be coming without a struggle. As Neville got into the car, she jumped in too. But then when I went to shut the car doors, she suddenly freaked out about me and jumped out of the car. So I waited, she got back into the car, and I went to shut the doors again. This time she jumped out as the door was closing, and she got hit by the door (though not, I don't think, injured). This totally freaked her out and probably set our relationship back a couple weeks. (I don't know which is worse in terms of constantly suffering set backs: my relationship with Charlotte or the healing of my injured left rotator cuff.) So I ended up running errands with just Neville. We went to the Hurley library to pay $28 for a book Gretchen had borrowed and that Charlotte had damaged. Then we dropped off a five-figure check at the credit union (Gretchen had recently divested her share of a DC-area condo that had been nothing but a headache). Then I bought groceries (those batteries, a Belgian ale with an impressive 10% alcohol content, beans, and lots of vegan milk). At the liquor store I bought both cheap gin and cheap scotch (I won't be getting expensive scotch again until I have a proper job). Then, on the way home, I picked up Neville's new prescription medications (though I'm not sure what the findings were from his recent blood test).

This evening Gretchen and I went to the Bear Cantina in Bearsville for an early dinner. We love that restaurant for its high-end 80s-style Mexican food, though we hadn't been there in many months (the last time we'd dined there, I'd still had a job). (On the way there, we stopped at Sunflower mostly to get Tofurky "lunch meat," since Hannaford seems to have stopped stocking it, though of course we got a lot of other things too.) At the Bear Cantina, we sat in the back room near the fire and ordered our usual things (for me, the Impossible enchiladas). The food and margarita were up to the usual standards, though they were having a bit of an off night with the chips and salsa they brought to our table before ordering. Among the topics we discussed over dinner was an unexpected chilling of the relationship between our niece and her grandparents, that is, Gretchen's parents. [REDACTED]

Back home in Hurley, we were delighted to see that Charlotte had not destroyed the house. We then proceeded to watch the final two gripping episodes of Escape at Dannemora. Among the things these last two episodes did was to tell the backstory of the escapees so they'd be less sympathetic as they were hunted down.

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