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   carprofen might be working
Monday, December 11 2023
When I checked the northwest valley of the roof this morning in the full light of daytime, I couldn't see any debris in it. This could mean that there had been debris (causing the leak I observed last night) and it was eventually flushed out. This would explain why that leak eventually seemed to stop on its own. Or it could be that the leak is a more serious problem, one either not caused by debris at all or caused by the sheer volume of rain that was falling shortly before I observed the leak.
Yesterday's rain brought with it a sudden change for the colder. But the resulting temperatures were only a little lower than those typical for this time of year. Late this afternoon, I took the dogs for a walk along the top of one of the higher escarpments west of the Farm Road nearly to the abandoned go cart track, and I was delighted at how well Neville seemed to be walking. He easily kept up with me, suggesting his new medication regime is working. This regime includes carprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that I think is what we used to give to Ramona every other day. Nevill, though, is getting it twice a day.

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