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   December 2023

01: mild covid for Gretchen, rotator cuff trouble for me - Gretchen has a good immune system and it seems I now have a bad left shoulder.
02: Appalachian trauma - A visit to Poughkeepsie just to get vegan baked goods and then looking at a tiny house with terrible neighbors up on Eagle's Nest Road.
03: vegan enough - Gretchen has covid and is craving Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup.
04: my facial hair never reaches a point where its further growth makes it more comfortable - I'm told that this happens on the faces of people who like having beards.
05: getting Charlotte into a vehicle without a struggle - I just left the vehicle's door open, went into the house, and she did the rest.
06: anti-pissing gates - Structures to keep Charlotte from pissing in the living room.
07: a look inside Oscar's mouth - His immune system countinues to attack his remaining teeth.
08: setting our relationship back a couple weeks - Another problematic incident trying to get Charlotte the Dog into a car.
09: a cluster of physical miseries - A troublesome shoulder, mouth problems, and the mildest of hangovers.
10: unwanted dripping sound - Our 30 year old roof might be trying to tell me something.
11: carprofen might be working - Neville is doing better on late afternoon walks.
12: Charlotte isn't much of a host - She likes it when Jack the Dog visits, but isn't entirely kind towards him.
13: a painting of Charlotte and Neville - And getting unusually drunk after painting it.
14: metal button solution - For some applications, plastic buttons just won't do.
15: a visit to the winterized cabin - I heat it from 33 degrees to 60 using the woodstove alone.
16: undewinterized cabin shutdown - I never used any water so I really didn't have to drain any pipes.
17: lupper at Broadway Diner - We're back for a meal after a 20 year hiatus, finding the food unexpectedly good and the waitressing bad enough to leave a bad tip.
18: very complicated regular expressions based on smallish dictionaries - Work on the spec project I am not getting paid to do has suddenly become fun.
19: a ductile plastic that would not shatter - Charlotte chews on a pair of Gretchen's glasses before she, Gretchen, had to leave to teach at the prison in Coxsackie.
20: not too altered - Holed up in the laboratory while the cleaning lady cleans, I paint a painting and work with regular expressions. Then I do some drinking, but not too much.
21: cold kindling-carrying hands - Not wearing gloves on a cold solstice day.
22: small baked-good gathering - Gretchen picks up a bunch of baked goods from Poughkeepsie and then has a small number of people over.
23: oh, that's the SEER rating - Something of a bait and switch with the mini-split. And it doesn't take much effort these days hurt my bad shoulder.
24: it's a one-way street, asshole - Christmas eve lupper in Woodstock, and then Neville busts into my Christmas stockings early.
25: Jewish Christmas, 2023 - Lots of small canvases, Chinese food, and the movie Poor Things.
26: using the ChatGPT API - It's not free and it's not fast, but it might be exactly what I need. Also, eating leftovers and injera.
27: Diane in the greenhouse - With her arch-nemesis Charlotte hanging out all day in the laboratory, Diane decides to spend her day elsewhere.
28: inscrutable and contain a high density of information - Is there no regular expression ChatGPT cannot write?
29: the problem was not a water heater - Not having to spend $500 I was certain I would be spending.
30: insisting on adding - One way to contain the reach of a new security vulnerability.
31: an especially safe time for driving - Almost nobody is on the road at the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve.