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   a painting of Charlotte and Neville
Wednesday, December 13 2023
I hadn't painted a picture of Charlotte the Dog yet, and I needed something to give Gretchen this holiday season. So today I painted a small four inch by four inch picture of Charlotte with Neville on pre-gessoed panel in "neutral grey." This grey proved to be an excellent color for the painting, enough so that I might be pre-painting my surfaces (credit cards, canvases, or pieces of wood) that color in the future instead of black (which has been my go-to canvas color for thirty years).
I'd run out of normal pseudoephedrine, which I otherwise would've taken this morning. So this afternoon I loaded up Neville in the Forester and then went inside long enough for Charlotte to climb in with him. This allowed me to have both dogs ride along into Uptown and back while I was getting my box of 96 count 30 milligram generic pseudoephedrine pills.
When I got back home, I took a recreational 150 milligram dose and then took the dogs for a walk up the Farm Road for most of its length, then up the escarpments to its west, and back homeward through the forest. My painting had unlocked my ability to drink, so as I walked, I was sipping from a bottle of Victory Merry Monkey Belgian-style ale (10% alcohol!). Once I got back to the house, I continued work on the painting while drinking grapefruit spiked with gin.
At around 5:00pm, I started making dinner, which ended up being a box of spaghetti with a pan of seared tofu, mushrooms, and onions. I unusally drunk by this point and my memory of making this stuff is kind of vague. When Gretchen got home, she could tell I was fucked up, though she assumed I was on cannabis for some reason, an impression I did nothing to dispell.
After we'd watched Jeopardy!, I said I wanted to see the newest season of Fargo, which Nancy had said is good. But I was too drunk to follow it and fell asleep only a few minutes in, causing Gretchen to watch one of her shows instead.
I later woke up and went into the laboratory, where I was surprised to see that it wasn't even 8:00pm yet. I ended up drinking a little more and watching YouTube videos, though I showed much more restraint and have fairly good memories of eventually going to bed.

Today's painting of Charlotte and Neville.

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